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Basic Biological Information

Name:Fell LoneTail

Age:6000 (looks to be 21)


Appearance Information: Fells' body is Masculine and toned with a lizard tail and webbed paws, with pink stripes amongst his body and tail, bearing a scar on his right eye from the moon goddess neon pink looking flesh, his fur is sleek and and scaly. From the tip of his nose along the the bridge of his muzzle going around his eyes are scales. Along his back the scales continuing onto his tail as they turn to spikes growing a bit apart....his under paws are neon pink and his tongue is purple, Fell has neon pink eyes, purple long mo-hawk

Height: 6ft 4 in


Clothes: Most of the time fell likes to wear long trench cloaks due to his hulking form and his 3 personas, he carries a sword on his left side and a massive scythe on his back in a form of a dragons' head as a blade emerges from the mouth of the dragons' skull,the trench coats range from Neon colors to dark colors.

Personal Data

Strengths:  Speed,Strength, Intelligence,combat

Weaknesses:He is very weak in using kido only being able to cast the most basic of hado and bakudo spells with most of the hado spells backfiring and damaging him instead, He has poor vision in his right eye making it more effective for opponents to attack him from the right side, easily distracted by shiny objects

Personality: He has 3 different personalities that would affect his combat techniques  

Child Hood- Unknown

Adult Hood- Unknown

After-Death:He lived in the 4th district alone on the streets and stole from others to survive, he knew well how to outwit others,unforgettably he stole from Shima, he saw the shine from the zanpakto and took it unknowingly pissing Hinakka off. Fell was introduced to the Soul Academy by Shima as a punishment ordered by Hinakka to Shima for trying to steal him and so he can keep a close watch on the little twerp, unknowingly his skills were surpassing the other students for his age group, except for kido classes he failed miserably. As Fell graduated, he was appointed 7th division captain after completing the captains test and being deemed fit for that division by central 46's order's.
Character Designation Add-ons


Division: 7th

Rank/Seat: Captain

Zanpakuto name: Kaze Ookami (Wind Wolf)

Sealed form:
Fell's sword is the "Nodachi" its sheath is black with pink horizontal stripes along the edges. The guard is in the shape of a tri-moon pendant, its hilt is the shape of a wolf head

Shikai Information: massive scythe in a form of a dragons' head as a blade emerges from the mouth of the dragons' skull, his scythe can change shape depending on the type of combat, close range is an armblade but can summon wind gusts knocking the opponent off balance and disorienting them, mid-range combat, his scythe goes into its regular pole-arm state allowing better reach as his oppenent moves out of close combat range also allwos him to create a vortex of wind sucking them inward to better reach, as the move, long combat range his scythe top is detachable connected to a chain along with the lower half allowing it to be thrown and controlled with ease

"Race upon the meadows amongst the wind and howl to the moon Kaze-Ookami!!

Zanpakuto's Spirit: Kaze-Ookami is a black and pink anthropic wolf with rainbow angelic wings, similar to Fell himself, Kaze-Ookami is a Violent zanpakuto with a mind always wanting to fight

Zanpakuto Type: elemental

Zanpakuto Element: Wind

Bankai: follow link…
Fell's  bankai is in a form of a giant fan that forms a gauntlet like armor around his forearm allowing offensive and defensive abilities...

Kidou: Basic levels (even those has chance of backfiring)


Artist | Hobbyist | Other
United States
Favourite genre of music: Heavy Metal
Favourite style of art: Tf pics of werewolves, Merfolk and Lizardmen
Operating System: Windows XP
MP3 player of choice: black
Favourite cartoon character: Toboe
Personal Quote: The Moon Will Watch Over HIs Children

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